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The Best Way to Clean your Carpets

Traditional steam cleaning uses heated water mixed with harsh soaps, detergents, and surfactants. A heavy rinse is then needed to try and remove these products after the cleaning. Even though much of the soap, dirt, and water are removed,  there is still a soapy residue left in the carpet. This dirt-attracting residue is the reason carpets get "dirty" quicker after this type of traditional "shampoo".  

Conversely, the Madison Area Zerorez carpet cleaning system does not use harsh soaps or detergents but instead a revolutionary, non-toxic water-based cleaning agent as its cleaning fluid, called POWERED WATER®.  Zerorez's patented Powered Water® cleaning system cleans carpets better than soap, without leaving a sticky soapy residue behind. Your carpets will dry faster and stay cleaner longer with Zerorez!

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This carpet was cleaned by Zerorez® Powered Water®

Detergents & shampoos

were used to clean this carpet

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Residue left behind by detergents and shampoos cause dirt to quickly accumulate over time.

Carpet Cleaning Done Right!

Hot Water Extraction ("steam carpet cleaning") is the best way to clean your carpet and is often the only carpet cleaing system authorized by carpet manufacturers to keep your warranty valid. Zerorez Madison takes the benefit of Hot Water Extraction one step further by utilizing its patented carpet cleaning solution, Powered Water®, instead of soaps or harsh carpet cleaning detergents and chemicals.  

Before we clean

Many companies save money by just spraying and wanding as fast as they can. Zerorez Madison takes the time to pre-treat your carpet with a safe pretreatment spray and a Brush Pro Counter Rotating Brush Machine (CRB) before we clean. The Brush Pro is an extra but important step. The Brush Pro digs deep into the carpet to help loosen dirt and soil and carry it from the bottom of the carpet pile to the top, where it can be more easily removed.  The Brush Pro also helps remove pet hair that is stuck below the surface. By contrast, a less expensive pad or bonnet system can drive soil and pet hair deeper into the carpet. Industry research has proven that using a CRB with Hot Water Extraction results in a substantially better clean.


Zerorez cleans green and dries fast. Safe for pets and children Zerorez's patented Powered Water® system leaves your home cleaner, greener and healthier. Compared to other cleaners Zerorez's dry time is typically much quicker. That is because other cleaners often have to flood your carpet to try and remove all their harsh soaps and detergents. Zerorez's Powered Water® cleans and then neutralizes gently back to just water. Your carpets dry faster.

Will my spots and stains come out?

Zerorez is very successful in removing most spots and stains.

Best of all, with a few rare exceptions (see below*)  Zerorez does not charge anything additional for this service.

You can be sure that if it doesn't come out with Zerorez it won't come out.

*pet treatments, filtration soiling and artificial dye heat transfer